The PG & NJ Boulton Trust


The P.G. & N.J. Boulton Trust was founded in 1976 by Mr Thomas Boulton and since then has allocated a substantial number of grants to a wide variety of charitable causes. The Boulton family maintained a key involvement in the work of the Trust until the death of Miss Naomi Boulton (daughter of Thomas Boulton) in October 2004. The Trustees are very grateful to Naomi Boulton for her very many years of faithful service and she is remembered with much love. Following her death in 2004, Mr Andrew Perry was appointed to the position of Chairman and the P.G. & N.J. Boulton Trust continues to operate as a grant making trust under the management of the present Board of Trustees/Directors.

The grant making policy has however undergone considerable change and shift of emphasis over the years. The original stated purpose of the Trust was to provide relief for the victims of disaster and to give to support to any other charitable cause as the Trustees saw fit. In earlier years we were open to applications for grants from a wide variety of causes, but due to ongoing financial and manpower constraints over more recent years, we are now no longer able to process numerous requests for grants in the same way. Instead our support is now largely limited to a list of charitable projects that are of special interest to the Trustees. Our interests are mainly centred around Christian missionary work, although many of the projects supported are concerned with the humanitarian relief of poverty and sickness in addition to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The original P.G. & N.J. Boulton Trust was first registered as a charity in England and Wales in 1976.

In 2014 the P.G. & N.J. Boulton Trust Ltd. was incorporated as a private limited company in England and Wales and subsequently registered as a charity. With effect from 1 April 2015 the Limited Company took over the function of the old Trust, with all assets being transferred and the old Trust eventually wound up. The previous Trustees continue to serve as the Directors of the Limited Company, and from the point of view of our day to day work, everything continues to operate in the same way as before.